Why It Is Imperative To Maintain Right Temperature For Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep

Most people face a sleeping problem, especially during the summer season. If you want to embrace healthy and sound sleep every night, then you should keep your room cool and comfortable. You should maintain approximately 65°F temperature in your room for good sleep.

When we sleep, then our body temperature reduces. Therefore, you have to maintain a cool, but not excessively cold room. The shivering cold room can also make it difficult for you to sleep well. The small kids may need a little higher temperature as compared to the adults for sound sleep. 

The Science

There is a scientific reason for maintaining the ideal temperature in the room for sound sleep every night. It is related to the internal temperature regulation of your body. You may not aware of the fact that internal temperature shifts during the 24 hrs.

This phenomenon is termed circadian rhythm. When your body is about to sleep, then it starts losing its warmth and will continue to cool down. When your body starts losing its warmth then your feet and hands start getting warmer.

It is so because your body is allowing heat to escape out so that the core temperature may start falling. 

If the room where you are sleeping is very much hot or cold, then it will lead to falling down the internal body temperature. It may lead to the disrupted sleep. 

Tips To Sleep Well Every Night 

A sound sleep is very much important for the healthy functioning of your body. You should set your room for a healthy sleep so that you get up next with the fill of energy. Want to learn the best ways to improve the sleep quality of your body, and then read the following points: 

Regulate The Room Temperature

There are plenty of ways for regulating the room temperature at night. Some of them are as follow:

  • You should set the thermostat of your house to drop the temperature during the nighttime. It is recommended that you should set the thermostat a little warmer during the daytime. 
  • You should keep your windows open during the early morning or evening time. It will let the fresh and cool air enter your home. It will help in reducing the temperature inside your home.
  • You should turn on air conditioning Sydney and turn on sleep mode so that the latest technology AC can easily maintain the ideal temperature for sound sleep. 

Swap Out Bedding 

The cozy and comfortable comforters which are good for shivering cold winter season are not good for sweltering summer. It is recommended that you should get a lightweight blanket for the summer season.

The heavy comforters will lead to overheating and will make it very much difficult for you to sleep well. 

Avoid Excessive Caffeine 

You should avoid drinking tea, coffee, or soda during the evening or afternoon time. It will make it difficult to fall asleep during the night.

Instead of having decaffeinated beverages, you can have other healthy drinks. You should never drink caffeinated beverages before bedtime because it will increase alertness. 

Maintain Dark Room 

You should imagine your bedroom like a cave during the night. You should keep your windows covered with blinds during the night. The blinds and curtains can block the streetlight entrance in your home.

It is recommended that you should consider removing electronic devices which emirs lights. In simple terms, you just need to maintain the darkroom. 

Maintain Peace 

You should also try to maintain peace in the room because it is not easy to sleep in a noisy ambiance. Noise can distract your mind and make it very difficult for you to fall asleep.

Somehow you will manage to sleep, but you will wake up at midnight due to the noisy ambiance. You should remove all those gadgets from your bedroom which produces beep sound or any other kind of noise.

Maintain Sleeping Routine 

It is imperative to maintain a regular sleeping routine and set the circadian rhythm of the body. You should set the circadian rhythm of the body so that you can have healthy sleep. You should sleep and wake up at the fixed time regularly.

You should turn off the gadgets and prevent your eyes from blue light emission. You can try reading a book before your bedtime to calm your mind and embrace sound sleep.

Do not forget to turn on ducted air conditioning in Sydney to cool down all rooms of your house and everyone can sleep well without any problem. 

Final words

Before you sleep on your bed, you should make sure that the temperature of your room is optimum for sound sleep. The perfect ambiance in the room will help you to embrace uninterrupted sleep the whole night. 

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