Magnetic Closure Boxes with Flip Top Lids

magnetic closure boxes

There is a wide variety of magnetic closure boxes available in the market today. These Magnetic closures include flip-top, magnetic, swing top, hardtop, and many more. The most popular Magnetic closures are Magnetic closures with a magnetic clasp and Magnetic closures with a coin release. These boxes are as classy as all other luxury brands without a high price tag.

Another type of magnetic closure box is the hardtop and rigid boxes. They make these from high-density polyethylene that makes them ideal for long-term packaging. It has rigid sides that prevent it from folding and offers chief strength and durability. The rigid boxes also offer a wide range of colors.

Cardboard magnetic gift boxes

Apart from the traditional cardboard magnetic gift boxes, there are other alternatives available, such as paperboard, heavy-duty clear plastic, heavy-duty vinyl, and many more. The paperboard boxes are wonderful for items that can be stacked and won’t get damaged if transported through rail systems or car carrier trucks.

The heavy-duty clear plastic boxes are an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard and are good for heavy items like CDs. Heavy-duty vinyl is a modern version of paperboard and is a strong and long-lasting packaging option that does not tear easily and it does not attract mildew either.

These are a few of the popular and effective magnetic closure boxes used by most companies for premium branded products. These boxes are available in customized sizes to meet specific packing requirements. Some companies offer free customization to meet your unique requirements. Many top luxury brands use customized boxes for their products, especially for luxury brands that often make custom sizes as per customer specifications.

Rigid magnetic gift boxes

They manufacture the custom rigid magnetic gift boxes using heavy-duty plastic material that’s guaranteed to prevent damage during transportation. These boxes have sturdy edges and are available in several colors. In addition, these boxes can be custom designed to incorporate logos of famous brands of repute. Several online printing companies offer to print magnetic labels on standard size paperboard, heavy-duty clear plastic, custom rigid magnetic cardboard, and custom rigid vinyl. Online printing companies also provide affordable design and printing packages to meet your business needs.

Flip Top Lids

It manufactured magnetic closure boxes with corrugated plastic laminated with magnetic foil for added strength. They’re also called flip-top lids with an invisible magnetic catch. They raise the appearance of the item and improve security. A magnetic closure box is used to provide access to all areas of a bag revealing no seams, wrinkles, or lumps.

There’s no doubt that the popularity of magnetic closure boxes has soared over the past few years. Paperboard packaging has been retired by many companies, and several manufacturers have moved over to this new material. With paperboard gone, and cardboard replacing it, the magnetic closure box market is booming. Some companies have moved into completely paperless cardboard and magnetic closure box production process, although most modern manufacturing methods utilize metal lids rather than paperboard.

Magnetic closure packaging boxes 

One challenge in manufacturing magnetic closure packaging boxes is that the lids need to be very secure; so manufacturers often use a magnet to hold the magnetic component in place rather than the traditional screws or tabs. The magnets allow for a much more secure assembly that can withstand being wiped clean or left outside for the elements. The lids have been improved so that they still provide easy access for removal, but now they also come in several original materials and fit several products. These include denim, cotton, and leather bags, not to mention PVC, PET, and foam packaging.

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