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Real-time IT Security Monitoring Suggestions for Businesses

Theory of IT security monitoring – risk assessment

Most risk assessments follow the same general steps:

  • Take a table of your assets

What are your organization’s most significant assets? Before you start testing for security vulnerabilities, first store the network, devices, data, and other assets that your business wants to protect. As a major aspect of this step, you should document your whole IT infrastructure. This will give you a total manual for your network, if you’ve ever been attacked, you’ll be able to recognize the attacker quickly.

  • Estimate the value of your investment

When you identify your assets, you can begin exploring them to find the damage. Threats can emerge from anywhere: from outside your organization, inside workers with bad security habits, or a third party who has various security practices and approaches your network. As risks can change, your assessment should be broad. A good assessment should incorporate the following points:

  • Thorough scan, everything same and various vectors on your network
  • Assess your inner deficiencies
  • Wi-Fi filtering, Internet of Things, and other wireless networks
  • Audit third-party access to your networks and assets
  • Audit rules on worker conduct, for instance, procuring bribing tools or opening suspicious emails.
  • Test your defense

While the assessment is significant in recognizing hazards, a penetration test gives you that breaking the network is simple.

  • Recognize shortcomings

Now, you need to discover the shortcomings in your network. Make a list of your vulnerabilities and then plan to address them.

  • Continually check your IT security

The best and most complete network security assessment doesn’t protect the security of your assets forever. As threats and technology are continually changing, so are your risks, so it is significant to continually monitor your risk environment so your company can respond quickly or efficiently to any attack. Or on the other hand, respond to a new threat.

Managed threat detection and response for the government

MTDR is a support system that offers advanced cybersecurity features, for example, threat chasing, security monitoring, constant security testing, and incident response through an accomplice. It allows organizations to maintain full visibility and control over their network while profiting from business-level technology and experience.

MTDR recognizes possible malicious movement in a particular environment and wipes out threats in real-time. It supports and expands existing assets, helping organizations to automate security operations, for example, dealing with repetitive assignments, for example, and monitoring network activity.

It also assists with filtering a huge number of alerts to provide precise actionable information, with a single view on all assets and threats, giving trained agents and threat trackers the time to make the crucial move as needed.

By relocating to MTDR and embracing a hybrid SOC model, organizations can stay aware of the developing threat landscape and satisfy the OMB (The Office of Management and Budget) risk management order.

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Prepare yourself for IoT before you think about your IT security monitoring

IoT security decision-makers should do their homework and realize that IT security is not the same as IoT security.  Connecting hundreds, thousands, or millions of IoT devices poses different security challenges as there are more than just endpoints at risk. Cyber-attacks can be prevented by utilizing network-based security solutions that monitor and mitigate threats. Knowing how your IoT devices and the IoT ecosystem work, how they connect to the network, and how they function can help you evaluate your security needs. Setting up an integration roadmap will also be helpful. To select the right IoT security solution, decision-makers need to focus on preventing attacks.

IT Security monitoring recommendations from experts

Investment in an appropriate IT security monitoring solution is challenging due to the sheer number and range of IoT use cases. Even so, Ericsson and Orange Business Services provide eight critical recommendations that enterprises should evaluate regardless of the specific use case to take control of IoT security and accelerate deployment:

Determine the level of preventative protection required

To understand the degree of protection you require, you must identify the devices to which your IoT security solution is connected, as well as how fast the system must detect breaches to be secure. Security solutions should mitigate and manage threats as close to real-time as possible if real-time communications are essential.

Field engineers’ role in IT security monitoring

Monitoring and analyzing real-time alerts is a continuous process carried out by Network Security Operations Center analysts. In addition, these analysts ensure that policy breaches are reported. They offer evaluation and trending of security log data collected from a wide variety of security devices.

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