Sonos One SL: The Best Wireless Home Speaker Evaluation

Best Wireless Home Speaker
Best Wireless Home Speaker

Reasons to Buy

  • Functions in stereo with Sonos One
  • Open, clean sound
  • Solid and dexterous bass

Factors to Avoid

  • No Bluetooth support

In the quickly progressing world of the best wireless home speakers, packing as much into each fabric-jacketed box as possible– vehicle drivers, streaming service support, functions– has long been the path to success. A lot more has most definitely been continuously more.

So why has Sonos launched an item that looks the same as its latest five-star wise speaker, the Sonos One, yet overlooked the bright elements, consisting of those tiny microphone dots around the top, as well as the built-in voice assistant?


Our testimonial of the Sonos One explained it as “essentially a Play:1 with voice control built-in” and also concluded that it was “a fine mix in our publication.” That begs the question that if the Sonos Play:1 is the Sonos One without voice aide smarts, what is the more recent Sonos SL factor?

The Sonos One SL looks practically the same as the Sonos One, with a touch-sensitive top plate and pairing button at the back. Yet when it comes to the SL’s function, our evaluation of the Sonos One meant one opportunity.

” As with the Play:1, it can incorporate 2 Sonos Ones to create a stereo pair efficient in filling up a room with hi-fi-like focus,” we composed. “Given the sonic similarities, it’s a pity you can’t form a stereo pair including one One as well as one Play:1. Getting 2 Alexa-powered audio speakers for one room feels like overkill, particularly if you already have a Play:1.”.

You’ve guessed it: you can currently combine a One and One SL in stereo, a set-up that looks and appears suitable for the money. Merely give your two audio speakers various names. After that, click on either speaker in the Sonos app and select ‘create stereo pair.’ You are then motivated to push and launch the pairing switch on whichever speaker you want to be on the left of both. Do that, and also, you’ve created a pair of stereo audio speakers where the One can handle voice activation.


The Sonos One SL is for both Sonos system assimilation and solo usage– you don’t need to pair it with one more. For this review, we checked it alone, on its own.

Two sonic attributes of note within the app’s sound tab are Trueplay and also, in the EQ settings, the Loudness toggle. Trueplay analyses the One SL’s surroundings and also adjusts its sonic equilibrium appropriately. It likewise includes walking around our listening area (having positioned the One SL where we want it), waving an iPad around (an apple iPhone will also do the job), accompanied by lightsaber sounds produced from the Sonos chauffeurs.

Despite the evident draw for Star Wars followers, the Trueplay function deserves doing; when the efficiency is total, and our One SL alerts us with a pleasing music power chord, the audio has optimized our room. Like our Sonos One, we also advise maintaining the Loudness attribute to maximize the breadth and deepness that such a speaker can use.

An additional One SL enhancement is AirPlay 2. However, the intuitive Sonos application easily confines your music streaming services into its ‘Browse’ tab for simple access, so you may not need it unless considerably set in Apple’s ecosphere. The app will certainly additionally locate songs kept on your neighborhood network (from a NAS drive, for example). Our one complaint here is that there’s still no Bluetooth (you’ll require a Sonos Move for that), which indicates if the wi-fi is down, you are out of luck.

The touch-control panel on the Sonos can get disabled using application settings. The conditioned light can also get switched off if you locate it distracting– all minor yet helpful attributes. Of course, if you intend to add voice-activated smarts to the SL without purchasing a Sonos One, including an economical Echo Dot would certainly also permit this.


Having established all EQ presets to neutral, released Trueplay, and kept Loudness toggled on, we sign up each other Freckle by alt-J on tidal. The rolling bass first is active, solid, and remarkably significant for a speaker of this size. Vocals and strings with the midrange and treble regularities are incredibly reminiscent and also well-placed of the class displayed by the Sonos One.

Discovering the SL’s low end, even more, we set up Dave’s rap-heavy Question Time. Vocals are ahead of time and central, distinguished from the reduced bass tones, which are both apparent and musically cohesive regarding the high hat. Bass-wise, it’s every bit as punchy, energetic, and also outlined a performance as you’d receive from its voice-controlled sibling.

Eric Clapton’s strummed guitar first of Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out is distinctive, bluesy, & three-dimensional, layered with the meandering and again gleaming piano notes as well as Clapton’s quieter vocal. As always, his ax takes center phase, yet there’s plenty of room for backing vocals and bass to radiate also. All of which get kept in check within a tidy, extensive, and even open mix.


While the cost distinction between the Sonos One and Sonos One SL is negligible, for those who see no advantage in speaking to their speaker, the SL is a feasible recommendation. The sonic efficiency, streaming alternatives, and app-support are amongst the very best we’ve evaluated to this degree.

The Sonos One SL is a warranted upgrade on the Play:1, a conclusive, flexible companion to the Sonos One, and also a musical, punchy, pleasing piece of the package when used entirely alone.

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