Toro Battery Best String Trimmers Evaluation | 60V Brushless Electric

Best String Trimmers
Best String Trimmers

The best string trimmer starts with handheld devices (gas-powered or battery-powered) utilized for strolling and cutting small locations of the lawn. Battery-powered designs have begun to complete well with gas models for straight-cutting jobs. Increasing in range, we likewise cover wheeled push designs appropriate for larger locations. These utilize more significant and more giant string to cut more lawn simultaneously.

Handling a 1/4-acre zoysia grass might not look like a whole lot, but I care about the information. Switching from gas to 60V Toro battery String Trimmer, I notice only how close to gas power I might get. As it ends up, this device comes very close– at least when used for property maintenance. Highlights include a lightweight design and an easy-to-restring winding head. Downsides might consist of a Reduced rate that didn’t provide as well as I would certainly hope. For tiny and even medium-sized yards, these 60V battery-powered best string trimmers should easily replace your gas weed eater without missing out on a beat.

Toro Battery Best String Trimmers Evaluation

Trick Takeaways

  • The toughness of a gas-powered trimmer
  • Two rates and variable trigger make it very easy to manage the RPMs
  • The easy winding head makes restringing easy.
  • Light-weight and ergonomic
  • Cost: $139 (bare tool), $199 (set w/2.5 Ah battery & charger).

Toro Battery String Trimmer Features

Much, the Toro 60V line of outdoor tools has handled to thrill up. Specifically, the Toro 60V self-propelled lawnmower showed reasonable run-time for the lawn. It likewise had excellent cut quality and lots of power to control both bagging and mulching. While reduced quality doesn’t variable into string leaners, cutting power does.

  • Cordless electric trimmer with 12-inch cutting size for rapid results
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery; converts to an edger in seconds
  • Automobile feed line system maintains the trimmer at the appropriate length
  • A telescoping shaft as well as adjustable aid handle for convenience as well as expanded reach
  • Actions roughly six by 11 by 42-1/2 inches; 2-year guarantee.

Set up as well as Basic.

The 60V Toro Battery Electric String Trimmer comes having folded in half in a box. You click it into the area and utilize an Allen wrench (offered) to secure a single screw to the shaft connector. After that, you affix the plastic front to use four socket head screws, fasten the guard with two more screws, and go.

Bump-feed Trimmer Head

This trimmer, like lots of cordless designs, uses a bump-feed head. Toro’s jobs well and utilized a tipped nylon feed spindle that did not hang up on me. Before you start, decide if you desire a 14- or 16-inch reducing swath. You intend to turn the string cutter on guard accordingly to match your wanted cut diameter.

The filling string couldn’t be easier either. You line up the arrows on the pump head, lots the string, and twist the bump knob counter-clockwise. Concerning the string, the Toro 60V string trimmer takes either.080 ″ or.095 ″ lines. Note, nonetheless, the amount you can load modifications based on the size used:

  • For 0.080 inch string, you can fill 16 feet right into the head.
  • For 0.095 inch string, lots just a 10-foot length right into the head.

Making Use Of the 60V Toro Battery-powered String Trimmer

The brushless DC electric motor on this string trimmer most definitely offered me sufficient run-time to tackle the lawn. While the variable-rate trigger let me feather the speed as needed, the 2-speed turn takes care of staying High for a lot of my cutting. Because mode, it felt a lot like a residential gas trimmer. Low speed didn’t make me feel like it had sufficient pizzazz.

Battery and Run-time

Run-time pleased me. I obtained almost 45 mins and also took on quite a bit of rigid material. If you make use of 0.095 ″ lines and tackle thicker grasses, you might find you get a bit much less. The bottom line: I had to refuel gas trimmers in about the same quantity of time.

The Flex-Force 60V L135 battery provides 135 watt-hours. Knowing this is a 2.5 Ah battery pack, which exposes the system’s small voltage as 54V (60V Max). Charge time is an hour for a depleted group.

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Cutting a 1/4-acre Zoysia Lawn

I utilized the Toro 60V string trimmer on the 1/4 acre zoysia grass. It rapidly took care of standards bordering around the border. However, I wanted to see if it can do more.

I found the Toro trimmer didn’t even think twice by establishing it to work on some disordered wonderful potato vine. In High, speed was sufficient to repel the thick stalks of this ground cover quickly. After sustainable trimming, I felt as if the device might continue this sort of benefit the period. I just had a tiny patch to worry about.

I additionally trimmed turf against a fence line. I found the trimmer ergonomics very easy to adjust and stabilize– offering me an excellent clean line. Although Toro put the brushless motor on the tool’s business end, it never felt also front-heavy. Balance also remains while in operation.

60V Toro Battery String Trimmer Specs

  • Version: 51830
  • Engine: Brushless and DC.
  • Battery: 60 V L135, (6.0 Ah, 135 Wh.)
  • Fee time: 60 minutes.
  • We are reducing size: 14 in. or 16 in.
  • Bump head with easy-wind string loading.
  • Line:.080 or.095 in.
  • Rates: Low/High.
  • Guarantee: 3-year full warranty (tool); 3-year complete guarantee (battery).


You can acquire the Toro 51830 60V string trimmer as either a bare tool for $139 or as a kit with the battery and a battery charger for $199. It provides one of the much better worths available given its performance, rate, and service warranty.

Several retailers carry Toro 60V battery-powered tools, including Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Acme Tools.

Final Thoughts

The Toro 60V string trimmer feels like a smooth change from gas, without the noise and vibration. The weight of gas virtually offsets the importance of the battery– making the devices comparable. We approximate less than an extra pound distinction between the two. As a system, Tor has thrilled us. The three-year service warranty on the tool and also battery matches several of the most effective around. The line also consists of the essential parts– blower, hedge trimmer, and mower– so you can put together a great system.

I enjoy the method this device functions– and I have used lots of gas-and battery-powered outdoor devices. For medium to little lawns, this is an engaging and excellent replacement for your aging gas trimmer.

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