Best Cordless Drill Under 50 Dollars | Buying Guide


Best Cordless Drill Under 50 Dollars

MYLEK 18v Cordless Drill Driver

The MYLEK is the best cordless drill under 50 dollars. It is perfect for house DIY. This drill is exceptional for drilling through wood, and you may utilize it as an electric screwdriver. Because it does not have a hammer function, we do not suggest it for drilling into masonry.

This cordless drill has an ergonomic rubber grip, making it comfy and simple to manage. The comfort is even more improved thanks to this MYLEK cordless drill being lightweight.

For under ₤ 40, this drill has some great specs. It has plenty of torque with 30Nm, 1,500 RPM, 2-speed metal transmission, and a 1.3 mAh 18v battery; you can change that in just 1 hour! What’s more, its variable speed trigger offers you precise control over the speed and power when drilling, and when you let go of the trigger, it has an automated electric brake. That stops it from continuously spinning after you have released the trigger.

Drill Specs

  • Max Torque: 30Nm.
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM): 1,500.
  • Max Blows Per Minute: N/A.
  • Adjustable Torque Settings: 19.
  • Adjustable Speed Settings: 2 Speed.
  • Variable Speed Trigger: Yes.
  • Electronic Brake: Yes.
  • LED Work Light: Yes.
  • Battery: 1.3 Ah 18v Lithium-ion.
  • Keyless Chuck: Yes, 10mm.
  • Drilling size in wood: N/A.
  • Drilling size in masonry: N/A.
  • Drilling size in steel: N/A.
  • Weight N/A.

What’s Included

  • 1x MYLEK cordless drill motorist.
  • 1 Hour quick battery charger.
  • Bring case.
  • 1.3 Ah 18v Lithium-ion battery.
  • Twist drills x 6.
  • Screwdriver bits x 6.
  • Bit holder.

VonHaus E-Series Cordless Drill Driver

VonHaus makes an extensive range of cordless power tools, and one of the main advantages of this is that the batteries are interchangeable between VonHaus E series cordless power tools. If you buy into the E series, you can save cash on other cordless tools, as you will require to purchase the body.

This drill motorist will be more than sufficient for DIY usage. You can use it to drill through wood, plasterboard, and use it as a cordless electric screwdriver.

This drill has two-speed gears, lower output for more exact tasks, and high power output for more complex tasks. You have adjustable torque, this assists when driving screws, and less securing power is necessary.

This cordless drill motorist is comfy and lightweight to manage, with an excellent quantity of power with 30Nm of torque and 1,500 RPM.

Drill Specs

  • Max Torque: 30Nm.
  • Max No Load Speed (RPM): 1,500.
  • Max Blows Per Minute: N/A.
  • Adjustable Torque Settings: 20.
  • Adjustable Speed Settings: 2 Speed.
  • Variable Speed Trigger: Yes.
  • Electronic Brake: Yes.
  • LED Work Light: Yes.
  • Battery: 1.5 Ah 18v.
  • Chuck: 10mm keyless chuck.
  • Drilling size in wood: 20mm.
  • Drilling size in masonry: N/A.
  • Drilling size in steel: 10mm.
  • Weight: 850g without battery.

What’s Included

  • 1x VonHaus E-Series cordless drill driver.
  • 85 Minute charger.
  • 1.5 Ah 18v Lithium-ion battery.

What You Need to Know about Budget Drills Under ₤ 50

When buying a cordless drill under ₤ 50, you need to expect the drill to have limitations. Do not expect the drill to carry out like an expert specialist drill, as they cost ₤ 100’s.

A budget plan cordless drill under ₤ 50 will be significant enough for general home usage, drilling into wood, brick walls if it has a hammer function, and using it as an electrical screwdriver.

What Are The Functions of a Drill?

Hammer Drill Function: 

This function is for drilling into masonry, such as brick walls. Without this function, you will discover drilling into walls extremely challenging. The Hammer drill function makes the drill chuck go back and forth while spinning routinely. That does consume away at the masonry, so the drill has a much easier time to drill.

Screwdriver Function (Drill Driver Mode)– This function turns the drill into an electric cordless screwdriver. If the drill has adjustable torque, you can be more exact and tighten up the screw to the proper torque, not harming the surrounding location.

Drill Function: 

This one is quite apparent. That is for drilling through wood, plasterboard, and various other soft products.

What to seek For in a Cordless Drill

Chuck jaws: 

The maximum capacity on many drills is 3/8 inches. Some 14.4 and 18V drills can manage 1/2-inch-diameter bits.


More settings provide you greater control of the depth screws.

Speed-range switch:  

The high is for drilling, and the low is for driving screws. Please search for the widest variety in between them.

Forward/reverse switch: 

It should be simple to run with your thumb and trigger finger.


Texture and contour should help your grip; attempt out the hold before you purchase.


More voltage means more power but likewise included weight.


Two are much better than one. New NiMH batteries provide some benefits.


Make sure your forefinger fits around it easily when gripping the drill. Variable speed uses the best control.

Keyless chuck: 

Hand-turn it to open, close the chuck jaws.

Process for Buying a Cordless Drill

Check out drills in house centers, noting their weight & balance.

Try out vertical & horizontal drilling positions to know how comfortable you feel.

Contoured grips & rubber cushioning on some models make them extremely comfortable, even when you’re using direct palm pressure.

While you’re at it, see how simple it is to change clutch settings and run the keyless chuck. House centers often mark down hand tools, so watch for promos.

What Drill To Buy

Match the Tool to the Job

With all the various drills/drivers on the market, it’s easy to purchase more tools than you genuinely need. The solution lies in buying a drill based on how you will utilize it. It does not make good sense to pay $200 for a tool you’ll use to hang photos. Nor is it an excellent idea to pay $50 for a drill to have the motor burn out after some days of heavy work.

You don’t need to drive yourself crazy trying to believe all the possible jobs you’ll have for your brand-new tool. Take a look at the three scenarios that follow below and see where you suit. The best drill for home use is most likely one for light repair and maintenance. If you ever require more tools than you have, you can step up in power and choices. Or rent a more effective drill for those projects that need one.

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