Bajaj Platina 110 | The Best Entry-Level Budget Bike


Bajaj Platina 110 is the best entry-level budget bike. We are now part of a generation where 6-speed gearboxes are the trend, while the 5-speeds are slowly becoming a part of history. But you’d be shocked to know there is a market that still considers 4-speed gearboxes.

The segment we’re talking about falls under the 100-125cc category and includes buyers that aren’t particular about change, with very little importance being given to the looks and mechanicals as well. However, durability and sturdiness are on top of their list.

The first to have dipped their fingers into this was Bajaj, with the Discover many years ago. But it somehow never cut the mustard because riders shifted into a higher gear at slow speeds in an attempt to save on fuel, which resulted in the bike lugging, and that put off a lot of buyers. With the Bajaj Platina 110, the brand hopes to change things.

A Little More Power

As the years have passed, the Bajaj Platina 110 has been through mild styling and mechanical updates, while it received CBS and a peppier 115.5cc air-cooled DTS-i engine from its sibling in the Bajaj Bikes range. The motor produces 8bhp and 9.81Nm of torque, a marginal increase over the regular Platina’s 102cc, air-cooled DTS-i motor. It is also among the few powerful bikes in its segment. Bajaj Bikes also claim a fuel efficiency figure of 70kpl, similar to what is offered on the 100cc variant.

Commuter Power

The moment you start the engine, it settles into a refined idle and there aren’t many vibrations even when you rev it, meaning Bajaj Bikes have worked on bringing down NVH levels. The exhaust is typical of a four-stroke, small-capacity engine, so it really isn’t that great to hear. The other noticeable change is when you slot into the gear so smoothly, unlike other bikes in this category.

The Bajaj Platina 110 gets the same all-down gear shift pattern from the previous bike, which has been done to make shifting easier, particularly for those who didn’t like the older bike. It’s only these types of bikes that will be able to adjust to the unconventional gear pattern without missing a shift. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to it, you begin to understand how the extra gear enhances the bike’s capability to manage higher speeds effortlessly.

In fifth gear, you can amble along at 40kph and from there watch the speed climb to 90kph, without there being a need to downshift. The gear ratios of gears one-four have not been changed from the 4-speed model, while the fifth gear acts as overdrive. Acceleration, thankfully, remains the same to help it achieve a high top speed and better fuel economy. In the fourth and fifth gear, the top speed stays at about 90kph. But in fifth, the bike doesn’t feel strained. The digital-analog instrument cluster has been updated and shows the gear-shift indicator and gear-shift position, but the former isn’t particularly correct at all times.

For The Commute

You eventually get nice and comfy on the Bajaj Platina 110 once you’ve gotten a hang of things and the long pillion seat is spacious. The tall handlebar has you seated in an upright position and it won’t rub your knees. However, the heel-toe shifter needs a slight twist of the ankle, but moving yourself a bit back onto the seat should sort this out.

Ride quality is good and it feels comfortable, and thanks to the toughened swingarm, the bike stays planted at cruising speeds, while the tires seem to do their job well. Most commuter motorcycles don’t come with brakes that are very effective, but the front disc brake model performed well. But if you dab too hard on the brake, the rear locks. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming bikes, only at autoX.

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